Dallas Road Beach!

Dallas Road Beach Sunset by Erin Sinclair

Need more proof that we love our sunsets?! This one was taken right next door to our Royal Scot home in James Bay. You guessed it… Dallas Road Beach! This walk is calming anytime of day, but in the evenings, as the sun’s setting it’s a different kind of magic!

Victoria Sunsets

Saxe Point Park Sunset by Alex Turko

Our favourite thing about Victoria as we get closer to summer… are the sunsets!!

Last night, we caught this beautiful cotton candy sky before a brief storm. Check out some of our staff favourites:

  • Ogden Point Breakwater
  • Dallas Road Beach
  • Clover Point
  • Victoria’s Inner Harbour
  • Mt. Tolmie
  • Mt. Douglas
  • Saxe Point Park
  • Summit Park
  • Highrock Park

Fisherman’s Wharf – Must See!

Colourful Float Homes @ Fisherman’s Wharf by Erin Sinclair

Website: Greater Victoria Harbour Authority

We’re so lucky to have this beautiful attraction just 10-minutes from our door step! Fisherman’s Wharf is a unique marina where you’ll find – iconic colourful float homes, fresh fish and seafood kiosks, marine adventures (whale watching, kayak rentals), and boutique shopping!

Take a walk along the marina to check out the commercial fishing and private vessels. If you’re lucky, you might even see a harbor seal bathing along side the docks!

It’s snowing in Victoria!

Victoria Snow Days 9 by josullivan.59 via creativecommons.org

It only happens for a few days a year, but Greater Victoria received almost 20cm of snow in certain areas today! Downtown and around the hotel we received around 13cm’s with some more possibly arriving tomorrow.

For those who can safely make it, the cafes and coffee shops are open around us for hot beverages and our pool and hot tub are heated to warm up after you sightsee around our winter wonderland!

Call us at 1-250-388-5463 or 1-800-663-7515 for upgrade, parking or Valentine’s day specials.

Family Day Getaway!

Indoor Pool and Hot Tub by Royal Scot Hotel & Suites

Family day is fast-approaching! The Royal Scot is the perfect staycation getaway – we’re dog-friendly & kid-friendly! Our large suites with full kitchens will accommodate any family size.

Our pool & hot tub are open every day and we’re a just 5-minute walk from downtown or the ocean!

Need an early check-in or late-check out to accommodate the little ones naptime? Or maybe mummy and daddy need a nap too. We can arrange that for you!

Stop-by our friendly front-desk for a colouring book and a masked-smile 😍

If you want to book your suite, please call us directly at 1-800-663-7515 ☎