Malahat Skywalk – The Nature at its Most Majestic

The picture is a courtesy of Malahat Nation

Explore our beautiful West Coast from a whole new perspective – walking up the Spiral Tower 250m above the sea level. The lookout is scheduled to open July 2021 in the Cowichan Valley, just 35 minutes drive from Victoria downtown, and will provide sweeping views of Mt. Baker, Finlayson Arm, the Saanich Peninsula, and islands in two countries.

Purchase tickets at their welcome center, get help from their Guest Services, browse local artisans’ work in the gift shop, and refuel at the café that offers a small taste of the region’s local fare. 

Keep checking the official website for more information about hours of operation, facilities and updates.

“The Royal Scot Hotel and Suites is a home away from home.”

We are pleased to share another reward from Trip Advisor, the world’s largest travel platform. The Royal Scot Hotel has been selected as the Top 10% of best hotels worldwide.

We are honored that when it comes to great customer service and hospitality, fantastic location, amenities and cleanliness, our valued guests single us out and continue coming back to their “home away from home” despite this particularly challenging time.

We would like to thank all our customers for their business and we hope we will continue to be the hotel you think of first when you are looking for a special place for your trip!

Contact us now at 250-388-5463 or to learn about current promotions and enjoy your time in Victoria’s “hidden treasure”.

James Bay Community Market is Back

The picture is a courtesy of the James Bay Market Society

DATES: Every Saturday rain or shine, May 1st to October 2nd, 2021

VENUE: The corner of Menzies and Superior (just behind Royal Scot Hotel)

TIME: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Experience a vast array of farm-fresh products from local meats to seasonal veggies and fruit, homemade crafts, top-quality traditional baked goods, pasta, specialty sauces and seasoning and much more just minutes away from our Royal Scot Hotel.

Come join them every Saturday and support your local farmers, food producers and artisans.

Explore the New Exhibition at a World-Class Museum

The picture is a courtesy of Royal BC Museum

Orcas: Our Shared Future
Dates: Apr 16, 2021 – Jan 9, 2022
Location: Royal BC Museum at 675 Belleville ST

Located just a few blocks from our hotel, Royal BC Museum now offers a deep dive into the stories and science that surround the magnificent orca, the spirit of BC’s wild coast. Learn which orca populations are thriving and which are at risk, and surface with a new understanding of how orcas and humans are inextricably connected. Tickets are now available online at

Belleville’s Patio is OPEN!!

Belleville’s Patio by Bellevillessocial via

Our neighbour, Belleville’s Watering Hole & Diner, continues to welcome guests with their beautiful patio overlooking the inner harbour and takeaway services!

With happy hours starting from 9AM – NOON; 3-6; and 9-CLOSE – why limit happy to just an hour? 🙂

Stop by our front desk for an extra 10% coupon off your table!

Visit Belleville’s website for updates, food and cocktail menu options.

SS Valencia: A Theatre of Horror

The shipwreck of the SS Valencia is well known as one of the worst maritime disasters in an area along Vancouver Island’s west side known as “The Graveyard of the Pacific”. Its tale lives on in Victoria through ghost stories and it has even captured the attention of an international audience. But what actually played out during this dramatic sinking? How did this “theatre of horror” drag on for 40 hours? What are the human stories behind the infamous scene of the shipwreck?
This exhibit tells the story of the SS Valencia and considers what conditions led to such a horrific ending. By meeting a cast of characters thrown together by fate, visitors will hear the human stories behind the tragedy and consider what effect trauma had on the events. Visitors will also get to see objects recovered from the Valencia wreck including some of mysterious circumstances. Valencia’s story is enrapturing and will continue to live on in the lore of BC’s maritime history. Visit the Maritime Museum of BC today to learn more about this infamous shipwreck.

Exhibit Dates: 12 March – 2 September 2021

Location: The Maritime Museum of BC634 Humboldt Street Victoria, BC V8W 1A6

Link :

Victoria Harbour Ferry – Water Ballet, Water Taxi and Tours

Water Ferry Ballet by vicharbourferry via

The Victoria Harbour Ferry is OPEN!

Operating within the Inner Harbour and Gorge, take a water taxi to a destination or a tour.

Pictured above is a local tradition of the ferry captains performing a synchronized “ballet” on the water. Starting April through October check out their FREE performance within the Inner Harbour!

Visit Victoria Harbour Ferry for general information and 2021 Water Ballet for performance scheduling.

Legislative Building

Sunrise over the Legislative Building by Erin Sinclair

The BC Parliament Building is the official location for the Provincial Legislative Assembly to gather and is a major attraction of Victoria. Overlooking the Inner Harbour, the Parliament Building is located on the traditional lands of the Lekwungen people.

They are currently open for virtual guided tours or to take a walk outside around the grounds.

Dallas Road Beach!

Dallas Road Beach Sunset by Erin Sinclair

Need more proof that we love our sunsets?! This one was taken right next door to our Royal Scot home in James Bay. You guessed it… Dallas Road Beach! This walk is calming anytime of day, but in the evenings, as the sun’s setting it’s a different kind of magic!

Victoria Sunsets

Saxe Point Park Sunset by Alex Turko

Our favourite thing about Victoria as we get closer to summer… are the sunsets!!

Last night, we caught this beautiful cotton candy sky before a brief storm. Check out some of our staff favourites:

  • Ogden Point Breakwater
  • Dallas Road Beach
  • Clover Point
  • Victoria’s Inner Harbour
  • Mt. Tolmie
  • Mt. Douglas
  • Saxe Point Park
  • Summit Park
  • Highrock Park